Remote Teaching

In spring 2020, I am teaching 4 discussion sessions for 40B (general physics)

It is still before my first session. To be ready, I spent sometime to learn the softwares.

First, as a tradition, the class uses masteringphysics to handle assignment and grading. It is an eletronic version of the textbook Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics, 4th Edition, with plenty of well-designed exercise. This helps a lot and there is no duty on grading assignment anymore. I also use it for dicussion session, choosing several problems in the pool of exercises.

Second, I use IP Webcam for living streaming my handwriting. In a discussion session for phyiscs, one reply on whiteboard to derive equations and draw diagrams. How do you do it remotely when you don’t have any device with a touch screen? After a little search, I found IP Webcam extremely useful, a free software to save me an ipad. It uses the camera on an Android phone to scan document, and live stream through a website, which can be accessed in any other devices in the house(or on internet with a bit more configuration). I open it in my mac and then share my screen in zoom meeting. Its advantage is that the streaming works locally (through the router) and doesn’t consume any internet speed of the house. This APP is for android phones. For iphones, there are similar apps called iVCam.

Finally, as a student/TA in University of California, Zoom, we must give credit to Zoom. Its service is mostly stable. Functoins like breakout rooms and recording make it very convient. There are still more function to explore.

So far so good.