Tech stack of

I started hosting this website in late 2019.

The domain is managed on Netlify. Netlify can host static website directly from github repoes. Or one can use GitHub Pages to host website and then redirect to the domain. Both are easy and I have several examples on GitHub, including this webpage.

Other than those platforms, one still need to build a static html website. It is uncommon to write HTML directly, because there are various tools to generate static webpages from simple text format such as MarkDown. The one I am using is jekyll. I am using it because it is supported by GitHub Themes, which allow us to generate a website by clicking on a button. That’s very convenient for sharing small projects. But in general, one can use any tool to generate the static website into a folder and ask GitHub to host it as it is.

Along the way, I find many tools useful, for example, jekyll-scholar, math-jax, markmap, Makefile.